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We’re always working on improving our app and making sure our users have the best experience possible. If you run into any issues while using Find a Store or have a suggestion for improvement, don’t hesitate to send us a message! :)
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When your customers entering the page, the app automatically checks the location of each customer by IP addresses, and show nearest stores.
If there is no near store then the app shows Default stores.
If you want to show all your stores by default. then you need to set all stores as defauls. Go to App > Stores section and switch on the switchers on "is Default" column for each store.
Go to App > Stores section and switch on the switchers on "is Default" column for each store.
Go to App > Settings section and check the option "Disable GeoIP Checking" and click Save.
One click installation. No coding necessary.
Our GOAL is used Open Source technologies, easy interface and one-click installation. We have all the features what you need in one app.
Yes, you can! Although the app icon will remain the same, you can change all of the colors for the button and pop-up window options.
The App use Shopify ScriptTag to integrate the JavaScript into your storefront. The app does not create or edit any liquid or script in your store. After Uninstalling the app, ScriptTag turning off the app and remove from your storefront.
The App store all your uploaded images into your store theme assets folder. This means, when you changing your store theme you will need to upload the stores images again.
NOTE: Please don't delete the images from assets folder which names start from asm_ while using our app.
By default, app staying on your storefront as a button, which poping up the window with the map and stores list. But If You want to show the app without Pop-Up, or You want to integrate the Map into some page, then just turn OFF Pop-Up Status and use Embedding Code
Good question! Remove Find a Store from your app list on Shopify any time before the 7 days are up to avoid starting a monthly subscription.